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The time is now to ADAPT. It is the great honor of this human experience to participate in ADAPTING to new thinking, new technology, and realities that push us all forward toward human flourishing.

Change is difficult, but you may be better at it than you think.

There will be 3 phases to this Covid-19 crisis:

1. The Blizzard: This is the phase we are in now where we are trying to flatten the curve. Duration: several weeks.

2. The Winter: After the quarantine lifts and people are picking up the pieces. Life will try to return to normal, but things will be different. This has the potential to be a very hard time for some people. Duration: several months.

3. The Mini Iceage: This situation has the potential to deeply reconstruct how we view commerce and society globally. Foundational assumptions of normal life have been shaken on a world wide level. Duration: 1-2 years.

So what can you do? It is time to ADAPT. adapt is not a full change of course, rather an adjustment of how you achieve your goals. Build trust with those around you and problem solve together. Take the direction that you know is true before the Pandemic, and look for new ways to live that out now.

Here is a graphic below that you can use to begin framing your thoughts.

Tap and hold to save image.

Thank you Andy Crouch, Kurt Keilhacker, and Dave Blanchard and the whole @praxislabs team. This post is our summary/adaptation of an article they just shared called:

“Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization is Now a Startup.”

Jeremy Bardwell

Jeremy is the Co-Founder Honest Media alongside his wife Natalie. Together they have 5 children. Jeremy and Natalie are community builders and catalysts. They also love their giant Newfoundland named North. :)

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