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We all have the desire for “true greatness” and we all wish we could just win our way to the top, but the reality is, that losing, setbacks and failure are an inevitable part of the journey. What separates those that achieve their goals from those who settle is oftentimes found in how they leverage their losses.

Let’s think of the Coronavirus like a boxing opponent, and this pandemic is like losing a round for humanity in a global match. Right now, we are getting a whooping by someone much smaller! (Like microscopic LOL) But, if we respond right we can leverage the situation.

Here are 4 ways you can grow because of this circumstance:

  1. Be pushed into greater humility.
  2. Develop an acute understanding of where to improve.
  3. Receive the energy to change.
  4. Grow in your awareness of your need for others in your camp.

1. Be Pushed into Greater Humility

As we launched into 2020 people were feeling confident about the economy. This is probably still true and for those that play their cards right, but for many the coronavirus is bringing them to their knees. Bringing them to a place of realizing their mortality physically, and their fragility economically. 

This can be very humbling, but humility is the key to your truest greatness. 

We should always be grateful for the opportunity to grow in humility. If pride is likened to bad breath (everyone knows you have it except you), then negative circumstances, can be like brushing your teeth! It cleans the pride right out.

As you change from a posture of pride to one of humility, gratitude increases. Your viewpoint on the world — what is truly important — is brought into alignment, and that alignment is what sets the stage for your next season of growth to begin. 

ACTIVATE: Embrace the humbling, be reminded of your humanity and be thankful for what you have.

2. Develop an Acute Understanding of Where to Improve

Random fact: I got my black belt when I was 15 years old, so you can imagine I was raised in an environment that celebrated FIGHTING. Fighting has been such a great metaphor for me because it is so simple — the fighter seeks to WIN against their opponent.

Fighters are always looking to improve their game and the biggest way you can improve your odds at winning is to learn where your blind spots are. Often times we do not come into awareness of our blind spots unless there is outside stimulus…

This coronavirus situation is that stimuli — shining a light on a massive blindspot for humanity in one of our most vulnerable areas as a species! This new stimulus, though it is not something we wish for or want, will lead to tremendous advancements in epidemiology and our global preparedness. So in someways, it could be good this awakening is happening with a virus that is relatively mild given what it could have been.

ACTIVATE: Allow this stimulus to reveal your blindspots. Do you need to be more disciplined with money? Do you need to look at your physical shape to make sure you are as healthy as you can be? Don’t resist the conviction. Let the light shine into the corners and begin to make small changes in the right direction.

3. Receive The Energy to Change

Knowing WHAT to change and WHY is not always enough to MAKE the change… there must be tremendous ENERGY to motivate to change and make the changes STICK. For many people they know what they need to change but where can they find that amount of energy??

Energy is one of the most elusive things in life, so when you stumble upon some, whether that energy is positive or negative, harness it to drive you towards your goals. Did you hear that? Even negative energy can drive you in healthy directions.

When you get “whooped” in a game or in a fight, that is energy that you do not want to feel, but there is a competitive instinct awakened and that ENERGY, whether it feels good or bad, is a gift that can be leveraged for bettering yourself. 

ACTIVATE: Allow this circumstance (the fear and the vulnerability) to be energy for you. Do not write off those negative feelings, REDEEM THEM and allow them to push you in the direction you need to go.

4. Grow in the Awareness that You Need Others

If you are striving to be your best, there is zero chance you will make it there alone. ZERO. So when you get whooped by life or face a challenging circumstance, if you let it, it can push you into greater collaboration with others.

When you see a boxer, it is not just that 1 person in the ring fighting, it is 20-30 (or more) people that have been a part of the fighter’s training camp that have allowed that person to achieve the result that is manifesting in the ring!

So let challenges awaken you to the people around you that are meant to be in the next chapter of your story. Let it reveal those that are on your path and that you can align yourself with to win this next stage. 

Learning to flow with people all using your skillsets in harmony is what makes history. It is a false perception that you need to be the “main leader” to be functioning in your highest calling, when a much more accurate indicator is your YOUR CAMP. Your community is the best fortune teller of the level of success you will achieve so allow this challenge to push you into greater interdependence!

ACTIVATE: Take a moment to realize the important people in your life and begin to think about the type of people you need in your camp not just want. Then take steps to reach out and establish new connections and memories with them because that will create a foundation for the next season.  

Stay tuned or more articles in this series “This Awkward Opportunity.”

Jeremy Bardwell

Jeremy is the Co-Founder Honest Media alongside his wife Natalie. Together they have 5 children. Jeremy and Natalie are community builders and catalysts. They also love their giant Newfoundland named North. :)

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