It’s Time to Breakthrough the Noise.

Instead of setting up a normal desk space at our (2nd) office at WeWork-Minneapolis we installed an Apple II from 1985. Why? Because Steve Jobs taught us to “think different.”

This art installation is a satirical commentary on an atmosphere crowded with competition and typical business jockeying. Businesses are ambitious and are adding noise to noise — sizing each other up and trying to outdo one another to be heard. 

But it isn’t working…

At Honest Media, we operate differently. We don’t change who we are to conform to the environment, we step around the conversation — to start a new storyline, to say something meaningful, to say something that breaks through the noise.

This is the essence of good communications: not taking the bait to fit in but instead finding your authentic voice and sharing it with the world. This is what Steve Jobs did and it is just as pertinent now as it was then.  

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