Impact Stats



People we have mobilized into large-scale events that are part of our strategic campaign plans.



Countries we have worked in around the world, including several conflict zones.



Languages our content has been translated into to connect with global audiences.  



Brands have been launched that have impacted humanity in innovative & sustainable ways.



Years we have been working in branding and media since first starting in Hollywood, California.

Clients we’ve worked with

Our work has appeared in

Causes + Movements we’ve served

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Conserving nature and reducing the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.

A global care reform initiative that is winning the battle to get orphaned children HOME.

Alabaster Co.
Exploring the intersection of creativity, beauty, and faith through original artistic content.

Electric innovations
A bio gas company based out of Northern California that is protecting our planet and powering communities.

Philos Project
A community of Christian leaders who advocate for pluralism in the Near East.

Serving, Empowering and Advocating for child victims of Sex trafficking.

Gratus Funds
An investment group that is improving access to high quality alternative investments for the masses.

A global campaign to reach 1 person with love in the month of May. Everyone can reach someone and together we can reach the world.

A missional community serving the city of Minneapolis.

Best Christmas Ever 
Delivering families in need their best Christmas ever!

On September 4th, 2021 a historic “gathering of the nations” took place at the Minnesota State Capitol.

A transformational network of young business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Cambridge Christian School
Cambridge Christian School partners with parents to prepare students academically, relationally, and spiritually to live out God’s plan for their lives.

Awaken The Dawn
A grassroots youth movement who believes Your Voice Matters.

All America
A global collaborative initiative to complete the Great Commission.

Find My Mission
An innovative search platform for missional causes and movements designed to help youth discover the joy of serving others.

Christian Educators
Christian Educators is a non-profit organization with spiritual and legal resources.

Colina Coffee Co.
“Good Coffee That Does Good.” A women and minority owned business.

Scatter Global
A digital platform whose services empowers people to live a wholistic life of both work and mission.

An immersive experience of art, music, and culture on the National Mall in Washington DC.

For Every Woman
A national campaign highlighting women’s reproductive rights. To let every woman know she is not alone and deserves the chance to know the full story.

An award winning Netflix documentary on the new sexual revolution.

The Send
A multi-national series of stadium campaigns declaring: The War On Inaction Has Begun.

A neo-folk musician hailing from Minneapolis. Featured on the Music Bed platform.

A generational gathering at the Texas Motor Speedway encouraging youth to Move Closer to Jesus and The World Around Them.

A woman and minority owned Business based in Afghanistan who produces transformational products from conflict zones. “To Be Brave.”

Pulse Twin Cities
A large scale music event at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis Minnesota with over 45,000 in attendance.

Carry The Love
A Movement of University Students in all 50 states.

Circuit Riders
A grassroots youth movement whose battle cry is to “Save The Lost, Revive The Saved, Train Them All.”

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