Over the last 12 years of pioneering and mobilizing youth I have discovered that one of the tools in my hand is the ability to tell stories.

Not just from a stage but from my ability to tell the stories of groups and movements through branding and advertising. You have a way of telling stories too… and I am excited for you to discover what it is, because when you do you will find a beautiful world of purpose and voice that will exhilarate you.

Once you find your voice, the next step is finding what you are called to say, and when you lean on Jesus’ chest in prayer you will quickly discover He has a revolution in His heart for every industry.

When you face the systemic brokenness of man in an industry like the entertainment industry, and you begin to dialogue with God, I guarantee you will begin to sense His revolution. When you watch as a teacher, a kid coming to school with bruises, I guarantee you will begin to sense His revolution. When you watch the news and hear about the murder rate in Chicago, and turn off the volume, engaging God with a truly open heart, I guarantee you will begin to sense His revolution.

I have known for 9 years since interning with Shawn Bolz with Expression58 (a church focused on the reaching Hollywood) that God wants me to carry His revolution into the entertainment industry. He has led me on a tailor-made adventure over the last decade gathering keys, skills and the thickness of skin required to succeed at being a light in this environment.

I never would have guessed though, that the angle would be through communications, brand development, and advertising… and that the revolution in God’s heart that he wants to lead with is: HONESTY.

For example: A photoshopped model is totally dishonest; whereas natural beauty is by definition honest. Isn’t it interesting to see how that seemingly small “dishonesty” of photoshopping women’s bodies has created a confusion and impossible standard that is hurting women and young girls all around the world? Causing insecurity, oversexualization, and unhealthy patterns in relationships.

When we showcase natural beauty however, it releases an empowerment, health, and confidence.

Our generation is not looking to be sold on something, we are yearning for a honest story. We want to know if products are ethically sourced, environmentally responsible, true to their description, and how the revenue is giving back to their community. We are not looking for the perfect hero as our inspiration, we are looking for someone we can relate with… someone we can trust. We are looking for: Honesty.

We may not all be able to be famous, or successful by the worlds standards, but no matter where you are you can live honest.

The timing of life is incredible in God’s story and right here in the midst of the birth of our 5th child, Natalie and I are feeling an urgency to explore this direction for our future.

We are actively forging new relationships, knocking on doors and doing hours of research. Because we know that over this fall a community of craftsmen committed to honest storytelling is beginning to come together. Would you pray for us as we are in this season of invention?

Here is how you can pray:

  1. Pray for wisdom to fill our hearts for timing, positioning, and for patience.
  2. Pray for our relationships to track with us as we go through this season of innovation.
  3. Pray for the right doors to open among key relationships.
  4. Pray for our finances as we still live on partner-based support and are approaching this start-up like a missional entity.
  5. Pray for God’s will to be done with our family as we trust His leadership and are obeying Him into this innovation, knowing that through this transition something incredibly transformational and influential will emerge that will bless the world.

With this said, I am officially taking clients this fall. I am OPEN for business. I would love to hear what you are doing and see how we can BRAND your Honest Story.

Let me know if you would like to know more about what it would look like to partner together.

Jeremy Bardwell

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