I remember sitting cliffside, on the edge of the seemingly endless Pacific ocean in Maui, Hawaii exactly 12 years ago to this month…

I was 18 years old, eager, and coming alive in discovering Jesus’ radical love for me. I had never experienced a love so vibrant, empowering and pure…  and it revolutionized my life! I knew the Love of Jesus needed to be exported all over the earth, to every nation, every city, every people group, and every person! It needed to be painted, read, sung, worn, and shown in every communication form possible. It needed to take root into societies and reshape entire nations as they experienced the same love encounter with Jesus that I had…

So, I forsook the American dream, and gave it all for a life of service, faith, and evangelism.   

I remember closing my eyes as a young man and imagining myself trekking over the highest mountains and through the driest deserts carrying the message of Jesus to as many as possible. I could see that I was carrying a hiking backpack, and wearing tattered clothes because of the journey I had been on to tell the world about Jesus…

I knew I had the call to influence as many as possible in my lifetime to know God!

I set my face like flint and began a journey of faith that has been nothing short of wild, crazy, insane at times, and always miraculous! From the harsh tundra of Alaska’s remote villages, to the entertainment world of Hollywood. From the redlight districts of Amsterdam to the inner-city ghettos of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. From the prestigious halls of Ivy League Universities, to the influence of Orange County, California. I have traveled, hosted, worshiped, prayed, evangelized, trained, served, sent, discipled, mentored, pioneered, and catalyzed as many as possible to experience Jesus’ love.

Many of you have been our close friends on this wild adventure: Watching as Natalie and I go from single to married, from married to having honeymoon twins, then watching the Bardwell family grow all the way to now: September 9th,  we are expecting our 5th child and it is a boy!!

This last 2 years in California has been filled with incredible fruit: 

  1. Stabilizing the Huntington Beach Circuit Rider community with the securing and managing of our home “The Evangeline” with 18 housemates. (Big Blue House)
  2. The National University tours “Carry The Love” reaching 30,000+ students in 42 states.
  3. The Azusa Now stadium gathering at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (75,000 attendance)
  4. The rebranding of the Circuit Rider movement preparing for national attention.
  5. And finally the historic gathering on the National Mall: Together 2016. (350,000 in attendance)

These breakthroughs have all been such major wins, and because of them we have new opportunities before us! We feel the need to respond to these new opportunities by pulling aside from our current ministry roles so we can really seek the Lord about what He is saying. We have been commissioned and blessed by our community to put our family first as baby #5 comes, and to be in a space to pray and let the Lord speak about how we are to move forward! Some exciting things are brewing!

This “short sabbatical season”  is starting now  as we prepare for  the birth of Baby #5  due on September 9th, and will continue through January 1st, 2017. 

Would you pray for us? 

We so appreciate your involvement in our lives, and so many of you have had key insight for us that have led us to where we are. Thank you! Love you!

Much Love. – Jeremy and Natalie 

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