We are a globally focused creative agency whose mission is: incubating big ideas, understanding people, and launching brands that change the world.

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We are currently booking project engagements for 2018 and 2019. Our services are listed below, don’t hesitate to reach out using this email. We travel, consult, and build each project according to your unique needs.

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By being selective about which ideas we take on, we have developed a process where we function as “king makers.” Our process goes beyond design; we strategically endorse, develop, and position your brand for global confidence and execution.

  • Brand Foundation
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Social Planning
  • Web Design & Development
  • Vision Books & Look Books
  • Product & Packaging Design
  • Activist Consultation
  • Video Production


We listen and critique, question and research, test and refine. We are not satisfied until we see the finger prints of “movement.” It is our belief that studying human nature and empathizing with a felt need is the beginning of a significant idea.

  • Listen to/Observe the need
  • Empathize with end users
  • Research
  • Create Initial Solution Proposal
  • Prototype Solution
  • Test/Refine/Iterate
  • Implement
  • Measure
  • Repeat


Re-Think Afghanistan

An international excursion to help build a transformational start-up called Tahmina International…

Story Coming Soon

A formative season of collaboration with Piety Surfboards, and the development of their 2017 Winter Collection/look book…

Story Coming Soon
It’s about People

The discovery of a brand unlike any other, and the journey that led them to who they are…

Story Coming Soon


Jeremy & Natalie Bardwell

Founders &  Managing Directors   ||   Instagrams: @jeremybardwell  @Natalie.bardwell

I am a husband and father of 5 who has been pioneering in design, marketing and media campaign architecture for over 7 years. I started my media career in Hollywood, California, and it has been a breathtaking journey ever since. This adventure has led to my traveling to over 20 countries around the world, serving clients, communities and studying global trends. I relate to the Polymaths of old who were hard to contain in one definition yet revolutionized their environments with creativity and ultimately left their mark on history. My work has been featured in: 

Joel & Amy Bomberger

Joel: Project Management & Digital Strategy   ||   Instagram: @joelbomb
Amy: Illustration & Administration   ||   Instagram: @amybomberger

(Joel) My communications journey had its humble beginnings 6 years ago in the rural county of Lancaster, Pennsylvania . I started as a visionary and influencer—quickly gaining speaking engagements in large conferences, group workshops, churches, universities and high schools. I worked as a social media strategist in office in PA, and then freelance after I moved to Southern California. While based in Huntington Beach, my wife and I traveled extensively across America, speaking at universities and schools in over 35 states in 2 years. During this time we were closely mentored on digital marketing strategy, project facilitation and design-thinking methods for complex problem solving.

I have a passion for any form of communication that catalyzes transformative action.

Steve Weigel

Maker & Marketing Strategist   ||   Instagram: @steveweigel

I describe myself as a natural dreamer with a lot of wanderlust in my veins, a total adrenaline junkie, a fan of the unknown and the uncomfortable and even the dangerous. Between 2015 and 2016 I spent 9 months in Southeast Asia working with a Thailand-based organization that fights child sex trafficking, and the work took me from mob-run back-alley brothels to countries that would have thrown me in jail had they known my true role. In Indonesia I visited a prison – to teach a guy how to build longboards! – and narrowly missed a huge prison riot. I don’t know how I find myself in so many wild and unexpected situations, but they lead to so many incredible encounters, relationships, and memories. I’m always striving to live life in the fullest way I know, and I love encouraging those around me to do the same.

Austin Tofte

Account Manager & Campaign Architect   ||   Instagram: @swdmusic

I am an adventure seeker, nature lover, and I am energized equally by both socialization and solitude. When not out mountain biking and camping, then I can be found holed up at home, working on music. I have nearly a decade of experience related to account services and strategy in the advertising industry and over 6 years of professional music experience that includes: composition, production, performance, management, talent buying, as well as licensing.


Brand Strategy

International Content Excursions

Product Assortment Design

Social Influencer Network

Event Planning & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing Strategy

Video Production

Development Strategy

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

Leonardo DiVinci


Liberated Film

A raw and honest NETFLIX documentary reporting on the hook up culture and the sexuality of this next generation. #liveliberated


A new Neo-Folk musician hailing from Minneapolis. Whose debut album Rise is featured on Music Bed. Her song “Another Day” is being utilized on “So You think You Can Dance” on FOX.

The Send

A collaborative stadium gathering catalyzing a new era of Christ-like action. Mobilizing 65,000 to be in attendance. “The War on Inaction has Begun.”

Together 2018

A gathering to inspire youth to Move Closer to Jesus and the world around them. 250,000 at the Texas Motor Speedway.


A season of collaboration with Piety surfboards leading to several brand manifestations best shown in the Piety 2017 Look Book called: UNCONDITIONAL.

Pulse Twin Cities

A city wide stadium gathering at U.S. Bank Stadium. Feat. Hillsong, Lecrae, Jabbowockees, and Nick Hall. Intended attendance: 66,200

Carry The Love

A 150 University Tour reaching into 38 states, impacting 20,000+ university students. #carrythelove

Together 2016

A National Gathering at the National Mall in Washington DC, Seeking to gather 1,000,000 Christians to break down walls and stand together.

Circuit Riders

A national grassroots movement of Christians who are reaching the Lost, reviving the saved, and training them all. #crmovement


A collaborative leadership training school. We are all needed to push for a tipping point in America. We are #bettertogether


A concept for a creative consultancy based in California. Focused on technology, media, and human services. #createthefuture

Azusa Now

An all day Music Festival at the LA Coliseum. 75,000 attended with millions being impacted through online content.

Tahmina International

A globally focused, transformational startup, based in Afghanistan. Transforming communities by replacing Opium farming with Saffron.

Fire & Fragrance

An international training movement based in Kona, Hawaii whose battle cry is, “to the ends of the earth for love.”


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